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    Ulva sp, commonly known as Sea Lettuce, is a delicate, leafy-green macro algae common to shallow, rocky reef ennvironments worldwide. AlgaeBarn's Clean Sea Lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is aquacultured in a controlled environment allowing them to treat and quarantine it, reducing any risk of unwanted…

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    Single Shipment Sea Lettuce Ultimate Refugium Starter Package Starting a refugium is pretty simple, but choosing the right plants and fauna to start your refugium can be difficult. AlgaeBarn's Ultimate Refugium Starter Packages include everything from nitrifying bacteria, phytoplankton, copepods,…

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    Made from 100% Ulva Lactuca algae, which is also widely known simply as Ulva Algae. Sea Lettuce is by far the most common algae fed to marine fish, after Nori of course. The dried seaweed can be fed to almost any fish that will naturally graze on algae and is an excellent source of protein and other…

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    All-natural and gently dried mixture of seaweed to feed your saltwater fish. The custom mixture contains a dried blend of Dulse, Ulva (sea lettuce), and Laver Seaweeds. The mixture of different seaweeds makes the perfect mixture for herbivorous marine fish. Algae is rich in protein and other…

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