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    Seachems PhosBond revolutionizes phosphate and silicate removal through a synergistic fusion of granular ferric oxide (GFO) and aluminuum oxide. This synergistic blend combines the best of both types of phosphate removers to deliver a high capacity media that will rapidly remove phosphates and…

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    MatrixCarbon is an activated carbon unlike any other. Formed as spherical beads from bituminous carbon sources, MatrixCarbon creates optimal water flow and contact. Because of its macroporous structure, MatrixCarbon is very effective at scavenging organic molecules from the water. It is also an…

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    …stage. A filtration cartridge is included and can be filled with mechanical media (such as filter floss), biological media (such as ceramic rings or SeaChem Matrix) or chemical media (such as activated carbon). Water then passes though a third and final chamber where additional filters can be added.…

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