Seneye Reef Monitor

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    Seneye Reef Pack is an all in one monitor for Temperature, Ammonia, pH, Water level, and Lighting. With a PC you can connect your Seneye monitor directly to any PC or Seneye Web Server to monitor your aquarium. With the Seneye Web Server you can monitor your aquarium from anywhere you can get…

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    Seneye Reef Pack with WiFi Web Server includes everything you will need to get the Seneye Reef module up and running without the need to hook your Seneye module directly to a computer. The WiFi web server allows you to use your Smart Phone, PC, or Laptop to monitor your aquariums parameters.…

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    Replacement slides for the Seneye Reef Monitor. Seneye slides should be replaced monthly for accurate readings. Slides come in Packs of 3

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