Single Di Canister

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    Single Stage deionization canister. Perfect for adding a DI stage to your RO system or adding an additional stage to your current system. Canister comes with cartridge full of DI Resin Cartridge is refillable 5 feet of tube ¼" Port Easily install in less than a minute


    Single deionization add on canister kit complete with Dual TDS Meter and pre-packed color changing DI cartridges! Dimensions - 14" x 6" x 5.5" Dual TDS Meter already installed Perfect for adding additional DI stages to your RO system Cartridges come with canisters full of Color Changing DI Resin…


    …lasts longer than standard chlorine, which a single carbon block can have a hard time removing on its own.  This kit is designed to add two additional canisters to your 4 Stage RO/DI system to upgrade to a 6 Stage Universal RO/DI system. One canister should be installed before your system and used…

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