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    Skimz Kone SK204 skimmers come fitted with a Sicce PSK1200 needle wheel pump for reliable performance and ultimate silence. The space-saving design of the Kone S-series integrated the pump into the body of the skimmer saving valuable space for other equipment. The Skimz SK204 is a great choice for…


    …Knob  Skimz Skimmer or Sump Model SKU TSL001 SM121 209423 TSL002 SM161 SM163 209424 TSL003 SM201 SM203 SM251 SM253 209425 TSL004 SK181 SK184 SK201 SK204 SK251 SK254 SV203 SV223 SC253 209426 TSL005 SL183 SL200 SL203 SL250 SL253 SL300 209427 TSL006 SN123 SN143 209428 TSL007-P SC145i SC165i 210721…

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    … BRS SKU SM121, SM122, SC145 OQ001 208791 SM201, SM202, SM203, SL183, SK181, SK184, SK222, SV223, SC165 OQ002 208792 SM161, SM162, SM163, SK202, SK204, SV203, SC205 OQ003 208793 SM302 OQ004 208794 SK201 OQ005 208795 SV253, SM251, SM252, SM253, SK251, SK252, SK254, SL250, SL253, SC255 OQ006 208796…

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    … SJB003-P 208749 SM251, SM252, SM253, SM257, or SK252  SJB004-P 208750 SM302  SJB005-P 208751 SK181, SK184, or SK187  SJB006-P 208752 SK201, SK204, or SK207  SJB007-P 208753  SK202  SJB008-P 208754  SK222  SJB009-P 208755  SV253 or SV257  SJB010-P 208756  SK251, SK254, or SK257  SJB011-P 208757…

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