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    …copper based. StressGuard is not amine based and will not interfere with Purigen regeneration. StressGuard does not coat resins or clog filtration like competing “slime coat” type products can. Features Reduces stress from handling or transport Antiseptic for fish Promotes healing Reef…

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    …is ready for reuse. Note:Use regular 8.25% hypochlorite household bleach (non-scented, no dyes, do not use a splash-less bleach). Caution: some slime coat products may permanently foul Purigen and render regeneration difficult. Do not reuse if odor of bleach/chlorine is detectable. In case of doubt,…

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    …skimming Contains colloids to support slime coat regeneration Contains iodine, an essential trace element Pro-tect contains colloids to defend your fishs delicate mucous membranes against pollutants and to promote regeneration of a healthy slime coat. The solution is also fortified with iodide…

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    …chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia from tap water Includes Aloe Vera to promote regeneration of damaged fish tissue Enhances your fishs natural slime coat to prevent electrolyte imbalance Will not cause foaming and can be used with a protein skimmer Directions For Use Add 10 ml per 10 gallons of…

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    …disease-causing organisms. Stress Coat helps fish heal torn fins and skin wounds, and can be used when setting up an aquarium, changing water, or adding new fish. Features and Benefits Forms a synthetic slime coating on the skin of fish, replacing the natural secretion of slime that is lost during…

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    …regeneration in injured corals Increased growth, even for corals positioned in low light areas Maximizes polyp extension Helps SPS produce their slime coat which provides improved protection from predators and handling Provides a nutrition source for otherwise hard to keep corals that require…

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    …water to make up for evaporation loss. If pH shifts below acceptable level change water and add a new Poly-Filter. Heavy slime producing water conditioners can surface coat Poly-Filter and interfere with absorption performance. In marine water, soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide then rinse (in freshwater)…

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    …elemental iodine dip complexed to a protective slime coat for safely and gently disinfecting corals. The protective slime coat covers the coral, holding the iodine in contact with the infected site for extended periods of time. In addition, the slime coat prevents infection from re-entering the…

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