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    …  Smart Level Security Max Power Output - 1100W @ 110 VAC Max Mounting Thickness - 1/2" Cable Length - 10 FT Power On Delay - 10 Seconds Detection Delay - 5 Minutes   What's Included? 1x Smart Skimmer Security Sensor & Outlet 1x Smart Temp Security Sensor & Outlet 1x Smart Level Security Sensor…


    …mind No Moving Parts Plug & Play Magnetic Attachment Easy to Clean Sensor Auto Time Delay 10-Foot Cable   Specifications: Max Power Output - 1100W @ 110VAC Max Mounting Thickness - 1/2" Power On Delay - 10 Seconds Detection Delay - 5 Minutes   What's Included? 1x Smart Level Security Sensor & Outlet


    Simple Security for your Heaters or Chillers! Pre-Set Temperature Range - 72°F to 84°F Using a tiny temperature sensor AutoAqua's Smart Temp Security system will keep your aquarium safe from temperature dips or spikes. The plug & play design requires no difficult programming with the preset…


    Simple Security for your Protein Skimmer! Keep your skimmer from overflowing with the AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security sensor and outlet. The easy to clean optical sensor will magnetically couple to any skimmer collection cup (up to 1/4" thick), and when the cup gets full it will shut down your…


    Clamps to tanks with rims measuring under 3/4" thick. With a simple screw adjustment your top off tubing will be super secure for years to come.


    …EcoSmart Live EcoSmart Live is a cloud-based app that can be accessed through a web browser on any computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection. The connection is secure and all your data and settings are safely stored in the cloud. Use one of many pre-programmed lighting setttings…


    …it is always smart to keep a high-quality air pump on hand like the Coralife Luft Pump. The Luft Pump has an adjustable output dial letting you fine tune the flow for the intended application. The Luft Pump also comes standard with a metal 3/16" barbed nipple letting you securely connect your air…

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    Turn Your Smart Phone into a Professional Reef Tank Camera! Take stunning images of your corals without the oversaturation of blue light. If you want to get that close up shot of your prized SPS coral or zoanthid, or the full tank shot to show off on #askBRStv the IceCap Clip-On Photo Lens Kit has…


    …water every day will greatly increase your tanks stability and potential for longevity.  Includes pumps & tubing Optical sensors = no moving parts Secure tube holders Siphon breaks   The simple system uses dual optical sensors, one for a high water level and another for a low water level. The high…

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