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    …Vitalizer, B-Balance and Potassium-Iodide/Fluoride Concentrate. Dose Coral Snow 1 mL per 25 US gallons every day mixed with a different product to enhance results. Combine the desired amount of Coral Snow and additive, rest for 5 minutes then add directly to a high flow area of the tank.…

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    …nutrients locked up within it. The constant descent of these particles through the water column has the appearance of snow fall, hence the name “marine snow”. While marine snow is primarily associated with productive regions of the open ocean rather than tropical coral reefs, the concept…

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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide   Coral Snow Plus Helps Fight Phosphates Coral Snow is a widely used secondary biological filter that helps increase the clarity of your water and now Coral Snow Plus has the same filtration benefits while reducing phosphate levels in…

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    …Reef Snow particles formed can be influenced by varying the dosage from one to two measuring spoons per 100 ml. Less Pro-Coral Reef Snow will form smaller particles; more Pro-Coral Reef Snow will form larger particles.   What's Included? 60g Pro-Coral Reef Snow

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    …biological filtration   Cyano Cleans performance can be considerably enhanced when utilized as a companion product to Coral Snow and/ or Zeozym; to safely eliminate unsightly red slime algae from your saltwater aquarium. Korallen-Zucht Dosing Instructions * 2…

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    …growth and health. Start by dosing 1 drops per 25 gallons (net water volume) twice weekly. Refrigerate after opening. * Combine with Coral Snow to reduce nutrients and control Red Slime (Cyanobacteria)   Korallen-Zucht  ZeoVit system is designed to maintain ultra…

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