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  • Spotlight on Somatic Skimmers, Sumps, and Upgrades - BRStv

    Today, Ryan is taking us through the Somatic line of Sumps, Skimmers, and upgrades. Somatic sumps and skimmers are designed for the reefer...
  • Adding a Somatic Protein Skimmer to your reef tank - BRStv

    On BRStv today we show off the Somatic line of space saving skimmers with the 60S, 90S, and 120S. If you're looking for a Vertex-type...
  • Is Somatic 90 the least expensive sump & skimmer combo? | #AskBRStv

    While browsing the threads Randy found a question from a member who was looking for a sump and skimmer for a 90gal FOWLR...
  • Why most reefers are choosing these TOP Protein Skimmers of 2019!