Sulfur Nitrate Reactor

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    …and resulting waste eventually break down into nitrates. Aquarists’ primary method of dealing with nitrate removal is water changes, but over the years we have developed a few ways to remove nitrates with equipment like refugiums, sulfur reactors, and deep sandbeds. All of these methods work to…

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    …purest grade of sulfur for use in nitrate reactors. Sulfur is a food source for bacteria that eliminate nitrates by converting them to nitrogen gas. They have to be replaced from time to time as they are slowly consumed by the bacteria.   One Size Available: 1500 mL   Nitrates in the marine aquarium…


    Add the Skimz Monzter NM152 Nitrate Reactor to effectively reduce nitrate in a closed aquarium system. This method converts nitrate to nitrogen gas using sulfur beads. Sulfur beads encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria as it oxidizes the sulfur. Rated for tanks up 396 gallons (1500 Liters)…


    …highly recommended.  13 Elements in a balanced formula Ideal for ULNS aquariums that utilize a refugium Shrimp & invertebrate safe Phosphate & Nitrate free Safe with all marine aquariums   Three Sizes Available: 250mL 500mL 2L   Instructions: Basic: For the first 2 weeks of use, add 5ml (1 capful)…

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