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    …the PS-10 will retain the KWH, and elapse time measurements allowing you to know how much power your aquarium consumes throughout the day. Advanced Surge Protection Circuitry Soft Power-Up Displays Max/Min Volts, Amps, Watts, PF, & Leakage Current 6 Foot Cord with Low Profile Plug Light-Up Power…

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    The Energy Bar 832 has been completely redesigned, with more robust outlets, individual LEDs show the status of each outlet, per outlet power consumption, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the Energy Bar 832 saving room, and eliminating messy cords keeping…

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    With the amazing Kill A Watt you´ll know “Watts” killing your energy bill... Monitoring your power consumption will allow estimate how much your tank will cost you in electrical usage. By plugging in your electrical devices the Kill a Watt will tell you how many amps, and watts…

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    Heavy Duty Programmable Digital 7 Day Timer By connecting your electrical appliance to the Save A Watt Digital Timer will let you take control of your power usage. Have lights, pumps, fans, and much more controlled by this heavy duty programmable timer. The large backlit LCD display makes…

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