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    INTRODUCING THE AQUAMAXX CTECH T-2 CALCIUM REACTOR AquaMaxx cTech T-2 Calcium Reactors use an up-flow design to mix saltwater, calcium carbonate and CO2 inside a reaction chamber to eliminate the need for daily two-part dosing. Not only will the AquaMaxx cTech T-2 Calcium Reactor keep your levels…

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    …the pump of the AquaMaxx FR-S Media Reactor. Omega-2, cTech T-2 Reactors and TS-2 Denitrator Replacement Impeller (SKU: 232646) - Replacement Impeller for the Sicce Syncra 1.5 Pump found in the AquaMaxx Omega-2 BioPellet Reactor, cTech T-2 Calcium Reactor, and TS-2 Sulfur Denitrator Part Reference…

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    This replacement impeller is for the Sicce Syncra 1.5 Pump equipped in the following AquaMaxx products:AquaMaxx Omega-2 BioPellet ReactorAquaMaxx cTech T-2 Calcium ReactorAquaMaxx TS-2 Sulfur Denitrator

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