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    Easily view the temperature of your tank with the Digi-Temp2. Large display shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Compact design for discreet application. Temperature range is -58° F to 158° F (-50 C to 70 C). Accurate to +/- 1.5° F. 41” temperature probe cord for easy configuration.


    Easily calibrate your heater with the Digital Instant Read Themometer from OXO Good Grips. Large, easy to read numbers Fahrenheit and Celsius readings Temperature range from -40° to 302° F (-40° to 150° C) Accuracy range of +/- 2° F LR44 Battery included Hand wash only


    Ink Bird ITC-308 Temperature Controller shows you the current temperature of your aquarium, and also lets you set customized high and low set points to control your tanks heaters and chillers all from a single unit. Large LED Display Simple Set Up Audible Alarm Dual Control Dual Relay Up to 1000W…


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    The American Marine PINPOINT Salinity Monitor will immediately give an accurate measure of salt levels in any aquarium. The reading is fully temperature compensated. With proper care this PINPOINT Salinity monitor should last a lifetime.


    …and everyone looking for a mid level controller. ReefKeeper Lite's are easily the best value controllers on the market. See below for quick compare chart of the differences between each RKL. ReefKeeper Lite Features Head Unit 1 PB4 power bar (4 total outlets) Digital Aquatics Temperature probe


    …never been an easy and precise way to calibrate temperature probes since most thermometers are made cheaply and are very unreliable. With the VWR Long-Stem Traceable Thermometer, you can accurately calibrate your temp probe or other temperature sensing devices. The thermometers are all individually…


    …has listened to what you want, adding more standard features to the already reliable, and dependable Apex Controller. Built in WiFi, Salinity, Temperature, pH, monitoring. Set reminders, log testing and dosing information and much more Included WiFi lets you now connect to the internet even easier.…


    …of the best coral coloration the MegaChrome Blue will be the bulb of choice for many institutes, and retail establishments. With its very high temperature range of greater than 21000K the Blue lamp will highlight blue and green corals in your tank while still providing suitable growth. Choose From:…

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    A large display digital thermometer with Alert feature. Displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. Available in °F or °C models. Has four Alert features. (Alarm will sound and LED flashes) High Temp Alert Only (Probe) Both High & Low Temp Alert Only (Air/Room) Low Temp Alert Only…


    Long-life Temperature Probe - replace your Temperature Probe, add one for another tank, or put one on your PM2/PM3 module for temperature compensated readings.


    IceCap Smart Fans will automatically increase or decrease the fans speeds depending on the ambient temperature of the surrounding area of the thermostat. Makes and excellent choice for aquarium canopies, enclosed stands & equipment cabinets to help regulate the temperature within.

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    The Digital Aquatics Temperature Probe is used for monitoring and controlling water temperature. It is compatible with the ReefKeeper Elite systems and requires the SL1 or SL2 module.


    Maintain temperature control to provide a safe and stable environment for your tank inhabitants. Large LED display shows current temperature. Digital accuracy within to +/-2°F keeps water temperatures at a constant level. 2mm thick quartz glass tubes. HPS-100: 100W – 20-30 Gallon tank HPS-200: 200W…

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    …Includes Apex Jr Controller, Apex Display Module, Long-life Temperature Probe Basic functions: Light Control and Temperature Control at a great price point Cool Features: Internet Connectivity, phone and text alerts, over temperature protection, mobile phone and tablet access Apex User Manual Apex…


    …water that is going to feed your tank run through probes right before it enters the tank. The probe holder fitting it will screw directly into 1/2" Female NPT threads for a leak-free connection. Note: Neptune Apex temperature probes will not work with the probe holder due to their larger diameter.


    The ReefKeeper TM4 features four temperature probe ports allowing your ReefKeeper Lite, or Elite monitor temperature at 4 different locations. If you want to have readings from multiple locations on a single tank, or if you just want a single controller managing multiple tanks the TM4 is a…


    …voltage for extended life Clicking temp dial for precise temp control Computer tested - Accurate to ± 2ºF Easy to see indicator lights Set temperature range from 64ºF up to 97ºF Shatter-proof outer casing Safety features   BulkReefSupply.com is an Authorized Retailer for Cobalt Aquatics products.…

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    More than just a temperature probe! Integrated LED indicator lights True USB connection Reliable & stable readings   Note: Compatible with Vertex Cerebra Controller Only

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    …use driver boasts a full menu that has a LCD display allowing you to know the status of the pump, power usage, RPM, overall percentage of flow, temperature, and more. Abyzz pumps are fully controllable from 0-100% allowing you to set the flow exactly where you need it. Max Flow - 2,200 GPH Max Head…


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     Seneye Reef Pack is an all in one monitor for Temperature, Ammonia, pH, Water level, and Lighting.  With a PC you can connect your Seneye monitor directly to any PC or Seneye Web Server to monitor your aquarium.  With the Seneye Web Server you can monitor your aquarium from anywhere you can get…


    …tubing is designed for use with all Mur-lok and John Guest push connect fittings. Mur-lok polyethylene tubing offers excellent pressure and temperature ratings and has outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking, surpassing 1000 hours of ASTM D1693 (10% IGEPAL testing). The tubing…

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    Maintain the proper temperature for your tank inhabitants with JBJ TRUE TEMP Digital Heater Controller. Settings accurate to +/- 0.5° F Calibration setting Smart memory chip LED heating indicator Large LED display of the current temperature. Heater sold separately


    Fully submersible aquarium heater with TruTemp technology from Eheim. Precise temperature control: 65-93° F Made from shatter-proof laboratory glass TruTemp technology - ability to calibrate the heater for precise temperature Easy calibration to ±2ºF Run dry protection with Thermo safety control -…

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    …Heater with Safety Guard Remote Temperature Probe - remote quick disconnect temperature probe can be placed up to 5 Ft away from the heating element for a comprehensive temperature measurement of the total volume of water. Smart Memory Chip - to reset your temperature settings after a power failure

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    Low profile, low noise fan. Produces a linear air flow movement over the surface of the water, accelerating the evaporation process and thus achieving a cooling of the water (1.8° to 3.6° F) on 500 liters (132 US gal.) in standard aquariums. Low 5V power supply unit.


    …Finnex TH series of heating tubes do not come with any type of temperature control. We suggest a simple heater controller like the Cobalt Neo-stat, or our preferred heater controller is a ReefKeeper Lite Controller. Any temperature control device will work, the heaters only require a grounded outlet…

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    Simple easy temperature control for the Nova Tec IceProbe Chiller. Controlling your IceProbe Chiller has never been easier with the proportional temperature controller that is now available from Nova Tec. The controller has a range sensing range between 65ºF and 85ºF with an adjustable set point…


    The Digital Aquatics Temperature Probe is used for monitoring and controlling water temperature. It is compatible with the ReefKeeper 2 and Reef Keeper Lite systems.


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    Professional Grade Water Testing Measure the electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature with the HM Digital COM-100 Waterproof Meter. Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) IP-67 Waterproof Housing Large LCD Screen Auto-Off  Low-Battery Indicator Digital Calibration Factory…


    …Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, and Temperature Metering Pen Highly Accurate readings right out of the box! Every HI98129 is professionally calibrated to 7.01 and 10.01pH and 1382ppm. Lightweight Floats Super Accurate Large LCD Display Measures Temperature Replaceable pH Electrode Automatic…


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    20oz CamelBak Double Wall Sports Bottle Keep your drink cold! Double wall construction keeps condensation off the exterior while providing more temperature retention. BPA Free Innovative sipper spout Hanging loop Screw on lid Double wall insulation


    …and measure the relative humidity and ambient temperature. Relative Humidity (RH) Accuracy: +/- 4% Long term drift (5 years): +/- 1% Resolution: 1.0% Range: 10%-90% (accuracy range) 1 sample/sec 60 second response time (20%-80%) Ambient Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5°F Long term drift +/- 0.5°F…