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    Knowing the temperature of your reef tank is very important, and with the Hanna Checktemp HI98509 Digital Thermometer, you can accurately know your aquariums temperature within 0.5°F. Each Checktemp comes with a 3.3' silicone cable that has a stainless steel probe at the end that gives rapid…

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    Easily view the temperature of your tank with the Digi-Temp2. Features Large display shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Compact design for discreet application. Temperature range is -58° F to 158° F (-50 C to 70 C). Accurate to +/- 1.5° F. 41” temperature probe cord for…

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    Simple, Unobtrusive, Effective Easy-to use stick-on design Temperature displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius Liquid crystal ink with simple color indicator read out Specifications Dimensions - 5.07"H x 0.74"W Range - 64-93 F (18-34 C)

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    A large display digital thermometer; displays both aquarium water temperature and room temperature. You cannot see the temperature of water just by looking at it. Having a temperature display device on any tank is a worthwhile investment that can easily save you from disaster. By showing the room…

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    …way to calibrate temperature probes since most thermometers are made cheaply and are very unreliable. With the VWR Long-Stem Traceable Thermometer, you can accurately calibrate your temp probe or other temperature sensing devices. The thermometers are all individually certified and guaranteed to…

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    …event of unexpected weather woes. It includes a battery-operated JBJ air pump with airline tubing to keep your tank oxygenated, a BRS stick-on thermometer for analog water temperature readings, and a PolypLab blue LED flashlight to quickly locate and examine your livestock. The included JBJ Maxum…

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    The TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter from HM Digital is a useful tool to spot check the TDS of your home water supply or RO/DI unit output. This unit features a digital display, built in thermometer, and comes with a carrying case. As with all HM-Digital products, the TDS-3 comes factory calibrated.

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    …species and tanks with large and strong fish or water turtles. Temperature Regulation Overheat Protection Fully Electronic High Precision Thermometer Function Unbreakable Housing Dual Suction Cup Mount Ultra-Slim, 1/3" Thin Profile The Ultra Heater employs a one-touch control system featuring…

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    …longer holds calibration. New probes need to be calibrated before operation for proper function. We recommend the use of a separate calibration thermometer during calibration and periodic checks of existing probe condition. Compatible with: Bulk Reef Supply Aquarium Temperature Controller Ink Bird…

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