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    Add these specialized forceps to your coral propagation kit. Good for holding onto soft corals. The forceps have a unique opening and that would allow you to access the coral while you are holding on to it. Great if you're trying to run a piece of line through a mushroom coral to attach to a rock.…

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    …large, flat surface near your aquarium. The French Cleat makes it fast and easy to mount and remove the Controller Board for maintenance or reconfiguring without the need for any tools.    Dimensions: 11"L x 1.125"W x 2.5"H   What's Included? 1x Black French Cleat Accessory 3x 1.25" Mounting Screws

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    …will help remove large particles, keeping the UV lamp clean, and the whole assembly only takes a couple minutes to have fully installed without any tools or complicated plumbing.  High Intensity 11 Watt UV Great for Quarantine Tanks Chemical Free Clarity & Health Kills Algae, Parasites, & Bacteria…


    Keep ahold of your frags with textured nitrile gloves! Disposable gloves are the perfect accessory for the active reefer. They keep your hands clean and protected when you are fragging or cleaning equipment. The thick nitrile gloves have a textured surface that provides extra grip on wet and…

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    Coral forceps are great for handling specimens. These forceps are heavy duty and made with 410-stainless steel. With serrated points and knurled shanks, these forceps provide an excellent grip making them perfect for working with small, delicate coral frags.


    Keep your hands out of the tank with these Aquarium Tongs from Tunze. Tips of tongs have rubber grippers to prevent slipping Lift objects max weight of 4.4 lbs (2 kg) Length: 32" (800mm) Material: Lexan®. Use inside and outside of the aquarium


    Keep your hands dry as you maintain your tank and rearrange your plants with Plant Tongs from Eheim. Spring-action with trimmer Use for general maintenance Great for moving and placing corals Use for feeding bottom dwelling fish Available in 400mm (16") or 600mm (24")

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    …and found the Tunze combo to deliver the best results. The Tunze CO2 Regulator will thread into standard CGA 320 threads without the use of any tools. Two gauges on the regulator show the tank pressure, and also the working pressure. Each regulator also includes a safety pressure-relief valve. The…


    Add SPS coral bone cutter to your tools for coral propagation. Great for cutting stony corals especially flat stonies like Montipora. Available in 5.5", 6.3" or 7.5" Stainless Steel with Bulk Reef Supply logo Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to reduce rust build up from saltwater

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    Choosing the proper tool for fragging different types of corals can be difficult. We have put together a kit of some of the best tools around that will let you frag almost any type of coral with the array of specialized utensils.   No more guessing about what to purchase to start fragging. This…


    …all the way to the store to have it drilled. Use our diamond coated glass drill bits. Drilling glass is actually pretty easy with the correct tools. Diamond coated drill bits will allow you to drill a hole where ever you need in non-tempered glass for bulkheads, or any other plumbing your system…

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    Target feed your finnicky fish and SPS, LPS and soft corals with the convenient two pack from Skimz. Includes 2 feeders Each feeder is 1/4" Acrylic tube Small: 14.75" Long: 24.5"


    …FREE Sicce ContrALL app for Android devices - Click Here    Tool Free Maintenance Most pumps on the market today require you to dig into your tool box, but the Sicce SDC pump does not! The pre-chamber can be removed without any tools, giving you access to the impeller for cleaning and inspection. We…


    Compatible for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 1 inch. Flipper magnet cleaners allow you to fully clean your aquariums glass with just a single tool.  The flippers ability to flip from the side with a scraper attachment for stuck on coralline, to the scrubber side with a soft pad for final cleaning…


    …Top Off System for your aquarium. Perfect for the DIY reefer who likes fun projects and wants to save a few dollars. Assembly requires only basic tools and no soldering. Basic knowledge of electrical wiring required. Aquahub DIY Top-it-Off Kit Premium Kit includes: (2) Aquahub i-float float switches…


    …copper down to undetectable levels with ICP testing. Heavy metals can be introduced to a reef tank through various items like electronics, foods, tools, and more. Some of the most common sources are faulty pump wiring, biopellets, poorly filtered source water, and foods, which in excess can cause…


    …have for SPS fragging BRS suggest to use on branching corals under 3/4" thick Very comfortable ergonomics for ease of use and manipulation Pointed tip fits into tight spots other tools would normally not fit Spring loaded to open, with handle lock for storing in the closed position Will not rust


    Frozen Mysis contains a lot of waste material in the water when it thaws. This cup/sieve combination gives the user an easy, clean way to rinse the waste from the Mysis before feeding the tank.   How To Use the BARR Aquatics Mysis Cup: Stack the cups Drop in the frozen food Add tank water or fresh…


    Our Coral Pointer Rods are made of a fluorescent reef-safe acrylic that will glow bright green under actinic lighting, allowing your friends or customers to easily choose the exact frag they want without putting any hands in the tank. 17.5" long 1/4" diameter Available in single pieces or 5 packs  …


    Why does BRS recommend this? The Hanna Alkalinity checker is an awesome little tool that now will give results in DKH values that are much more common in the aquarium hobby. It will also give you accurate easy to read results with the large LCD display. We like the repeatable results and ability to…


    Keep your refractometer readings accurate! A refractometer is easily one of the most important tools to have if you own a saltwater tank. Without a refractometer, we would be guessing at how much salt is in the water, and more than likely would not be correct! Even if you have a refractometer, it is…


    …especially in tight places. The Mur-Lok Fitting Release Tool will let you disconnect the fittings while keeping your finger tips from getting sore (these are especially valuable if you have a lot of fittings to go through). Using the release tool is super simple, just place the properly sized shoe…


    …not float to the surface minimizing food waste. For best results, turn off any circulation in your reef tank and use a bottle, syringe or feeding tool to target feed your corals.   Sizes Available 60 Gram - feeds 100 gallon reef tank for 3 months using 2 times per week 30 Gram - feeds 50 gallon reef…

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    …food to the cup and stir for 30 seconds. You can then add the aquarium water and food back to the tank, or using a pipette or other coral feeding tool target feed the corals to ensure consumption. It is suggested to turn off any return pumps or high flow powerheads when feeding.    Guarenteed…


    …Aquatic's Nut Tool is perfect to slip over the bulkhead nut and give you a textured surface to turn. The 3D printed bulkhead nut removal tools work with most ABS bulkheads that have a 6-sided retaining nut. No longer will you need to strain your hands or use risky metal tools that can overtighten…

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    Replace your PouchFeeder Pouch with a new one, or keep extra on hand to make feeding even faster!   Using a grazing style feeder is perfect for tangs, blennies, angels, and other herbivorous fish that like to constantly pick at rocks and algae throughout the day. The PouchFeeder is also perfect for…


    Straightforward and easy to use dosing syringes are great to have around the tank and can have a multitude of uses. From filling up test vials to adding and target feeding corals, along with trace elements. Great for liquid foods, trace elements, or testing reagents Plunger easily removes for…

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    Coral Hemostat forceps are one of our favorite tools for fragging SPS corals. Curved Hemostats allow you to break small frags off while maintaining a good grip so that they don't fall to the to the bottom of your tank. Available in 6.3", 8" and 9.5" Long Curved Hemostat Forceps

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    …the RO membrane and DI resin.   The TRM-1 Triple Inline TDS Meter from HM Digital is one of the most essential reverse osmosis accessories. This tool uses electrode probes to monitor the TDS of your reverse osmosis system in three places and lets you know exactly how the system is performing.  …


    Coral Hemostat forceps are one of our favorite tools for fragging SPS corals. Straight Hemostats allow you to break small frags off while maintaining a good grip so that they don't fall to the to the bottom of your tank. Available in 6.3", 8" and 9.5" Long Staight Hemostat Forceps

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    Drill guide is used to eliminate bit wobble and ensure the beginning of your cut is straight. Once the cut is started it is a piece of cake. The bracket includes a level actuated suction cup to hold it securely in place both vertically and horizontally. The drill guide is adjustable up to 83mm bits.


    …algae. Rotational Polisher Removes algae off glass or acrylic aquariums with a convenient head that rotates to reach hard-to-clean areas. Gravel Shovel The perfect tool to sift sand or gravel without getting your hands wet. Easily remove empty snail shells of other debris out of the aquarium.