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Tropic Marin Calculator

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    …organic compounds. The addition of plain magnesium salt, however, is not sufficient and interferes with the ionic balance of the tank water. Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium creates a natural environment in the aquarium and delivers Magnesium and carbon dioxide in a natural, biologically available…

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    …system. A dropwise addition directly before filtration using a dosing pump is optimal. Measure the phosphate concentration in your aquarium and then calculate the required amount of Elimi-Phos Rapid. We recommend reducing the phosphate concentration by no more than 0.1 ppm per day. This equates to a…

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    …mL(provided by BRS Reef Calculator) Daily Magnesium Requirement - 32.4 mL(161.2 mL / 5 days) Tropic Marin Part C Dosing Amount - You will need to refer to your daily Soda Ash (alkalinity) dosing amount and multiply it by two. That will be your daily dosage for Tropic Marin Part C. Example: If your…

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    Overview: A blend of high-purity aragonite particulate grades to simulate the natural substrate particle profile of tropical reef lagoons. Multiple particulate grades encourage biochemical reactions (e.g. nitrification and denitrification) within the sediment to facilitate continuous release of…

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    …and trace elements. Creates a marine environment so chemically-similar to natural seawater in all important respects that aquarium inhabitants are not likely to discern any difference between water prepared with NoMarine and filtered natural seawater from tropical reef waters. Contains USP- and…

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