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    …100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume every day until the nutrient limitation in the corals has been rectified and the corals display a normal level of growth and coloration.Maximum dose: 1 ml per 100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume daily. What's Included? 200 mL Tropic Marin Plus-NP

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    …elements of Tropic Marin K+ Elements in the same concentration. Up to a dosage of 0.75 mL NP-Bacto-Balance per 25 gallons per day a further supplement with 1 ml/25g K+ Elements can have a positive effect on the coloration of the corals. We recommend additionally the Tropic Marin® A- Elements for…

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    …Efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate Increased skimmer efficiency Bacterial biomass acts as nutrient source for filter feeders Suitable for marine fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, and other inverts Easy-to-dose liquid solution Two Sizes Available 50 mL 200 mL Dosage Recommendations Begin with a…

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    Tropic Marin Professional Lab is a complete test kit for monitoring water values in marine aquariums. It contains highly precise tests for phosphate, nitrite, nitrate, calcium, magnesium, and carbonate hardness. Reference solutions for Multi-Standard and NP-Standard, as well as illustrated…

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