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    Pharmaceutical Grade Salt for the Modern Aquaria! Designed to meet the strict requirements of reef aquariums, Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt mix contains optimized levels of calcium and magnesium while keeping the correct pH value and a balance of all 70 trace elements required by corals to grow and…

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    NeoMarine Salt Features: Extensively-researched and tested over a multi-year period, with a formulation based on current understanding of Marine Chemistry and Marine Biology as they pertain to the husbandry of all marine aquaria (e.g. reef, mixed reef, FOWLR, fish-only, mangrove, sea grass,…


    …coral reef aquariums Does not contain unwanted nitrates or phosphates   Two Sizes Available: 80 Gallon Mix 200 Gallon Mix   Parameters: Alkalinity - 9-10 dKH (approx) Calcium - 380 ppm (approx) Magnesium - 1260 ppm (approx)   Instructions: We suggest starting with 1/2 Cups of Tropic Marin Sea Salt

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    Contains Naturally Occurring Marine Biopolymers Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt mix has been professionally designed to be used in reef tanks that employ some type of carbon dosing to create an Ultra-Low Nutrient System (UNLS). The unique salt incorporates bio-active marine agents that help protect and…

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    …introduction of their Carbo-Calcium and All-For-Reef products, Tropic Marin revolutionized dosing for reef aquariums. A one part complete dosing solution sounded like a myth, but through the use of specialized organic calcium salts, they were able to develop a solution that safely incorporates all…

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    Part C - 1 kg Sodium Chloride Free Reef Salt One of the three-part original balling method, Tropic Marin components add calcium, alkalinity, and sodium chloride free sea salt to maintain the crucial balance of elements in your aquarium's water. The balanced mixture allow for fast growth of coral…


    …conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and light into organic compounds. The addition of plain magnesium salt, however, is not sufficient and interferes with the ionic balance of the tank water. Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium creates a natural environment in the aquarium and delivers Magnesium and carbon…

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    …to your reef aquarium's needs. A key difference between this product and many other sources of nitrate or phosphate is that the compounds in Plus-NP are are bound by an organic energy source, so nitrogen and phosphorus can be utilized by corals more efficiently than inorganic nutritional salt

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