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    …Height - 0.6" Width - 0.4" Stand-Off Distance From Surface - 0.375" Single Tube Bracket Length - 0.96"  Dual Tube Bracket Length - 1.45" Triple Tube Bracket Length - 1.93" Quad Tube Bracket Length - 2.42"   What's Included? 5x 1/4" Tubing Brackets 10x Mounting Screws3   Note - Tubing not included

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    CPR's Aquarium Inflow Kit contains everything you need other than a pump to return water to your tank. Kit includes: 9" x 3/4" J-Tube 4 feet of 3/4" ID Tubing 2 plastic hose clamps


    …process is simple, the built in feeding tube acts as a quick loader and allows you to fill your grinder quickly keeping your hands free from unwanted odors when touching the food. During feeding, the Gourmet Grinder allows the user to submerge the feeding tube into the water for a more accurate,…


    …where you want to use flexible tubing. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC. This street/spigot barb connector is great for converting plumbing fittings like gate valves or check valves to work with flexible tubing, or when you want to use flexible tubing straight out of a bulkhead with…

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    …unhooking the tubing from the tank which can waste a lot of water. Most standard RO units will use 1/4" RO tubing however in some rare instances you may need a shut off valve that accommodates 3/8" tubing which we carry as well. Simply just measure the outside diameter of your tubing if you are not…

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    …Push connect fittings need the tubing to go in straight or a leak may be possible.  Tube clips keep the collet on the fitting locked out to hold the tube into the fitting to help prevent leaks.  Anytime you have a tight bend going into a fitting we highly recommend tube clips for safety. Available…

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    …(height is variable for leveling) Minimum Clearance Required Behind Aquarium - 6" Plumbing Connection - 1 1/4" Soft Tubing (we recommend braided vinyl tubing)   What's Included? 1x OM5000 Overflow Box 1x Removable Weir 1x Priming Tube 1x Priming Tube Valve 2x Drain Valve Assembly 3x Leveling Screws


    …rate of flow can vary depending on the length of tubing and head height required. The max distance the GHL Doser Maxi can push or pull liquids is 50 feet of total length allowing you to put the dosing where you want it, and then route the tubing to your vessels and sump.   Control up to 16 Dosing…


    …to wear and turn slowly. Changing the roller out for a new one will help decrease the resistance making the pump head roll like new again.    We suggest replacing the tubing, anytime you are replacing the roller - Replacement GHL Pump Head Tubing   What's Included? 2x Pump Covers 2x Tube Rollers


    Why does BRS recommend this? All of the BRS reactors come with easy to use push connect tubing, flow control, and a refillable cartridge.  We took easy to find components to keep things cheap while designing an efficient easy to refill reactor for aquarium use.  We keep hearing our reactors are the…

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    …traditional tube holder allows the tube to curl which is less than ideal, the Dosing Pump Hose Connector & Holder uses acrylic tubes that securely attach to the holder. Angled bottom cuts allow liquids to flow out without ending up on your aquarium walls. Just push any standard dosing pump tubing


    …barb fitting and an intake barb fitting allowing you to connect soft tubing to the pump within seconds.    Specifications: Max Flow - 792 GPH Min Flow - 475 GPH Max Head - 8.8 FT Dimensions - 3.1" L x 1.9" W x 2.9" H Output Tube Size - 3/4" Barb Power Consumption - 55W @ 120VAC   What's Included? 1x…


    Tubing Holders Hold 6 Liters Total Dimensions: 9.24"L x 6.5" W x 12" H Dosing Tube Inside Diameter - 3/16" Dosing Tube Length - 55"   What's Included? 1x DLC4 Dosing Reservoir 1x Silicone Dosing Tubing Green 1x Silicone Dosing Tubing Yellow 1x Silicone Dosing Tubing Red 1x Silicone Dosing Tubing


    …Pump Dimensions: 3.38" x 2.75" x 5.59" Voltage: 12V Power Consumption: 10W GPH: Up to 15 GPH Up to 5ft head pressure 1/4" barb fitting 2 Year Warranty   What's in the Box Hydrofill ATO Pump Hanging Mount & Hardware 12V Power Supply   Tubing not included - We recommend using 1/4" Flexeline Tubing


    …you. Kit Contains: 16” Long - 1/4” Clear Acrylic Tube 1/4” Mur-lok Inline Ball Valve 2 - 1/4” Mur-lok Push Connect Bulkhead Tank Adapter 2 - Mur-lok Stem x Push Connect 1/4” Elbow 1/4” Mur-lok Elbow Union Push Connect 5 Ft of BLUE 1/4” Tubing Other items you need: Storage container with Lid Drill…


    …comes 20-gram tubes and is a widely used super glue within the hobby. With its quick dry time, and extra thick consistency you can use the IC-Gel on vertical surfaces and it will not run. It is great for heavier frags that you need to stand vertical or heavier rock work. IC-Gel comes in a tube like…

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    We believe GA Murdock Mur-lok fittings to be the best so strongly that we use them virtually exclusively on each of our BulkReefSupply.com reverse osmosis and BRS media reactors.


    …Tygon tubing to the cell and place the CD back into the retaining clips. Connect the female connection to the male HV connection on the board. Place the board back into the housing and you are done!   What's Included? 1x 35mL Syringe 1x 3.5oz Compressed Air 1x Measuring Cup 2x Cleaning Tubes   CD…


    …where you want it, and then route the tubing to your vessels and sump.   What's Included? 1x 2.1 Dosing Unit (white body) 1x 24V Power Supply 8x Plastic Tube Adapter 6ft USB Cable   Dosing tubing not included - we suggest using Drew's Doser Extension Tubing    GHL Doser 2.1 Resource Guide  GHL Doser…


    …objects and also makes it easy to clean and maintain the pump   Easy to connect with standard tubing and fittings The PMUP Has a smooth, 3/8″ (9.5mm) output that will easily connect to silicon tubing or standard push-fit connectors.     Specifications: Dimensions - 4.58" H x 2.24" Diameter Max…


    …is super simple, just place the properly sized shoe around the tubing and push it down into the fitting, depressing the collet. Then while you are pushing the collet into the fitting, pull the tubing out of the fitting and you are done!   What's Included? 1x Mur-Lok Push Connect Tubing Release Tool


    …filter.   Keep sediment out of your Aquatec Booster pump with the DMFit Filter Strainer. 100 Mesh (150 Micron) Compatible with standard-sized tubing Available in 2 Sizes: 3/8" x 3/8" or 1/4" x 1/4" Max Operating Pressure: 170psi Compatible with 1⁄4" Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump & 3⁄8" Aquatec 8800…

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    …and not a tangled mess. Every Skimz Sumpro sump comes with 4 dosing tubes letting you dose anything you want from trace element solutions, calcium reactor effluent, nitrate reactors, or anything else that uses standard 3/16” tubing.   Top-Off Chamber Select Skimz models even include and integrated…


    …Your Dosing Pump Tubing! Skimz Colored Silicone Tubing is perfect if you want to color-coordinate your dosing pump tubing to your plumbing and other equipment, or simply just want an easy way to reference between the different tubes coming off your dosing pumps. Silicone tubing is super versitile,…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? The Syncra Silent line of pumps come in many different sizes and will fit most tank needs.  Sicce uses high quality magnets in their pumps, which allows them to spin smoother with less noise than almost all other pumps in their price category.  If your tank needs a high…


    …into the Nyos Torq Dock and then twisted to adjust the flow rate through the reactor. The Torq Reactor system does not need any screws, pumps, or tubing, just the body and the dock is all that is required for a potent and easy to use media reactor. Great for Carbon or GFO Installs on Dock in Seconds…


    Create a plumbing masterpiece. Schedule 40 PVC Pipes for your plumbing needs in Purple. Solid color with no text written on pipe Sold in 46 inch lengths Sharper look than white Schedule 40 PVC Compatible with Schedule 80 PVC Available in 8 Colors Green Orange Grey Violet Yellow Black Blue Red

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    Need a bit more slack for your Python? Extension tubing for Python Water Change Systems. They will screw directly into your current No Spill, Clean and Fill System with the included fittings giving you reach to anywhere within your house.

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    Replacement tube adapters are great to have on hand and are compatible with all Bubble Magus dosing pump systems. The adapters allow standard dosing pump tubing 3/16" to connect to the tubing that is supplied with the pump head. Two adapters are required per pump head.   What's Included? 1x Dosing…


    Keep your RO tubing secure with Tube Mounting Clips! Hold up to two tubes with each mounting clip and secure them to a wall, stud, or any other rigid location. Keeping the plumbing for your RO system clean and tidy looks good, but also makes maintenance much easier and diagnosing issues quicker. The…

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    …dispensing of the tube.    Natural Clear coloration is a semi-translucent tubing. It allows you to slightly see through the tube but is not 100% clear.  It is great for any application where you may want to see the flow of the liquid through the tubing.   Make sure to pick up an RO Tubing Cutter for…


    …a complete continuous 500-Foot span of tubing which is perfect for fish stores or service shops to keep on hand. The spool comes with a metal inner ring that makes it convenient to mount on a spindle for quick and easy dispensing of the tube.    Black Tubing is commonly used for wastewater lines…