Tunze Apex Controller

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    Connect your Apex Controller from Neptune to up to two Tunze Stream pumps. It has 1 RJ45 connector which plugs into the Apex base unit and 2 Din5 connectors which plug into 2 Tunze Controllable Stream pumps.

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    …Clouds and Lighting with Apex Ready+ fixtures. Or use the module as a Variable Speed Pump control with Apex Ready pumps such as Tunze Turbelle Stream 6105, 6155 and 6255. * Complete control of Apex Ready pumps that use the 0-10V control * Complete control of Apex Ready+ LEDs that use…

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    …The controller gives you multiple programming options including feed mode, wave simulation, oscillating current, night mode (Moonlight Photo Sensor 7097.050 required), and auto-adjust wave timing modes. The Tunze Stream 3 can also be controlled by 3rd party aquarium controllers like an Apex or…

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    Precision Control for Calcium Reactor CO2 Systems   Keep the CO2 flowing into your calcium reactor with the Tunze Regulator and Solenoid Kit. We have searched for a reliable and low-cost CO2 regulator and solenoid and found the Tunze combo gave the best results. Tunze CO2 Regulators…

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