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    refugiums. The LEDs used in the EcoChic Refugium LED Light were selected to help accelerate the growth of green algae species.  Designed for Refugiums Magnet Mounting System Temperature Sensor Aluminum Heat Sink Completely Waterproof Absolutely Silent   Control The Tunze Eco Chic 8831.00 Refugium


    …Spread: 14" x 8" The Tunze LED system is a full spectrum light that is super easy to mount. Mounting the light is done with a magnetic holder that can hold the light in multiple positions and orientations. The innovative design is fully waterproof and is perfect for refugiums, soft coral, and…


    …nutrients clean and easy. Tunze's algae reactor can be placed internally in your sump, or placed externally if you do not have room in your sump, or just don't have a sump. The reactor uses an external lighting solution provided by the Tunze Eco Chic Refugium Light that can be fully submerged…


    …the aquarium by your choice of return pump.    Refugium - 5" x 8.5" Refugiums are great for holding macroalgae and other nutrient reducing organisms. Just add a refugium light to the CUBE Nano for an efficient source of filtration. Lights like the Tunze Full Spectrum LED and Kessil H80 are perfect…


    …changed again.  The Tunze LED light can also be controlled by the Tunze 7097 or the SmartController 7000.   Mounting The simple magnetic mounting system securely holds the light from the center of the fixture or the cable end making it perfect for a sump-based refugium. The aquarium safe magnets…


    Rent an Apogee MQ-510 PAR meter for 7 days! Perfect for LED Lighting Knowing the total intensity of your aquarium lights can dramatically help with coral growth and health, but the meters are very expensive and only require a couple uses right when you get your lights set up and running, making them…

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