Tunze Y Adapter

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    If you have 3 Tunze pumps that are controlled by the 7090.050 controller this cable will allow you to hook up all three pumps to be controlled by a single 7090 controller with the addition of the 7092.300 connecting cable.The Y adapter will also allow the connection of 2 pumps and a photo sensor as…


    …with the Tunze 7000 Smart Controller. Plug the Controllable Power Socket into any wall outlet and then connect the control cables to your Tunze Smart Controller 7000 to create a full blown aquarium controller. Control your Calcium Reactor, Pumps, Heaters and much more with the Tunze Controller…


    …multiple types of gasses   The Tunze CO2 Valve set is an electronically controlled solenoid that connects directly to the Tunze SmartController 7000. The solenoid Valve will plug into one of the controller's In/Out control ports, but does come with a Y adapter cable allowing you to connect another…


    Y cable adapters. The 7097 will connect to your computer through the included USB cable and with the 9097 software you can program you controllable Tunze pumps to ramp up and down throughout the day, and even create different program modes. Connecting the multicontroller to a controllable Tunze LED…


    …the 7090 Wavecontroller Add-On. The 7090 Wavecontroller works with all DC powered Turbelle pumps. All Tunze Turbelle pumps now come with this controller included. If you want to update your older Tunze pump without an integrated controller to create wave simulation, while having a food timer and the…

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