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    …pull the feeding clip of standard magnet clips off the wall. Two Little Fishies now has the Mega Veggie-Mag feeding magnet. The Mega Veggie-Mag feeder has stronger neodymium magnets to keep the clip where you put it. 1" diameter x 1" long ultra strong neodymium magnet Works on aquariums up to 3/4"…

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    Max Tank Thickness - 1/2" The VeggieMag uses a strong magnet to hold your SeaVeggies clip in place on windows up to 3/4” thick. Easy to position at any level in the aquarium and easy to retrieve because it floats.

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    …fish naturally graze on algae and other foods with Two Little Fishies PouchFeeder. The pouches are made out of a flexible plastic that your fish can easily peck through to get chunks of food.The PouchFeeder comes with a strong mounting magnet letting you position the food right where you (or your…

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    Two Little Fishies NanoMag magnetic glass cleaner is perfect for pico, and nano sized tanks. The thin profile of the NanoMag makes it great for getting in tight spaces. Super thin profile Works on curved surfaces Glides nicely Patented design Compatible with tanks with glass up to 1/2" thick The Two

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    …go right over the overflow. The magnetic coupling makes it possible to easily position the ring without getting your hands wet, and the jointed connection assembly makes it simple to adjust the distance from the aquarium wall. Another feature, the Two Little Fishies button pops into the mushroom…

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