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Vibrant Clean

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    …8oz Vibrant- Reef Formula 16oz Vibrant - Reef Formula Instructions: Cleaning Mode -Add 1mL of Vibrant per 10 gallons of aquarium water once every week. Maintenance Mode -Add 1mL of Vibrant per 10 Gallons of aquarium water once every two weeks. Bryopsis or Turf Algae Treatment - Add 1mL of Vibrant

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    …in a clean container, such as a small bowl or cup, and add only enough AngeLixir to saturate. Feed after 5 minutes have elapsed. Repeat three - five times daily to ensure that fish are receiving adequate food.To fortify freeze-dried and prepared foods (e.g. pellets): Place food in a clean container…

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    …the same ratios found within tissues of fishes. Beneficial to all marine, brackish, and freshwater fish species. Free-form amino acids: Encourage vibrant coloration. Provide the building blocks of protein in ideal ratios to encourage the formation of new tissue, speeding up growth rates. Encourage…

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    …Encourage new tissue growth to repair damage incurred during fragmentation and propagation. Encourage growth by budding and fission. Encourage vibrant coloration. Instructions and Guidelines Shake product well before using. Turn protein skimmer and other forms of mechanical filtration off prior…

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    Overview Encourages health, growth, reproduction, and vibrant coloration.Provides important nutrients to corals and their allies during periods of stress induced by changes in lighting and/or prolonged exposure to excessive water temperature (often resulting in “bleaching”). Aids in…

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    …LOOP IC with Bluetooth Control On-Demand Features 4 Channel Color Adjustment FEED MODE Turns Wave Pumps off for 10min. CLEAN MODE Highlights algae & debris for easy cleaning 2 Moonlight Modes 8 Weather Modes 4 Binaural Audio Programs Custom Color Memory Lighting, Wave Pump, DC Pump Programming…

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