Water Clarifier

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    …in an area of rapid water flow. Allow at least 12-hours for flocculation process to complete; re-apply in 24-hours if necessary. Maximum recommended usage is twice per 5 day period. Reoccurrence of cloudy water after Clarif-SW has been employed to satisfactorily clarify water is an indication that…

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    …  Coral Snow Plus Helps Fight Phosphates Coral Snow is a widely used secondary biological filter that helps increase the clarity of your water and now Coral Snow Plus has the same filtration benefits while reducing phosphate levels in reef tanks! Three Sizes Available: *…

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    …can be said that the speed of dissolution is directly related to the amount of water movement in the vessel; that is, faster water movement decreases the time required for the mix to completely dissolve and clarify, assuming that samples are prepared using the same salt blend.  Companies…

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