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    Treat the infestation of Marine Ich and other common deseases with Hikari Ich-X Saltwater. One Size Available: 16 oz For use with saltwater or freshwater fish only Treats Marine Ich, Marine Fungi, Protozoans, and Flukes Not for use in with corals or inverts - Do not overdose


    …diseases.  Any Copper treatments should be done in a quarantine tank with proper filtration and daily ammonia and copper level testing.  Overview For use by experienced, qualified professional aquarists only. Ionic, non-chelated copper solution. 1 drop per gallon of water increases free copper…

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    …with Ich-X from Hikari. One size available: 16 oz For use freshwater and saltwater fish only Effective - especially when used after PraziPro treatment Less harsh form of malachite green Treats Ich, Cryptocaryoniasis, Trichodiniasis, Velvet (Gold Dust), Saprolegniasis Not for use in Reef Aquariums…


    …making it the perfect RO/DI system for almost any type of city water treatment process, including high levels of chlorine, and chloramines 6 Stage Plus Water Saver RO/DI Features: Produce 150 GPD of product water without any more waste water than a 75 GPD membrane would produce. Float Valve Triple…


    Ideal for all pH testing, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, colloidal silver, labs & scientific testing, pools & spas, ecology testing, boilers & cooling towers, water treatment, wine, coffee, agriculture and more.


    …Pentek ChlorPlus Carbon Block promotes additional reactions which result in water safe for fish and corals. If you are unsure if your city uses chloramines call your city hall or water treatment center and ask for a water quality report. 1 micron rated filter – Nominal* Chloramine Reduction: 2,500…

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    …Chlorine.  Water Treatment facilities can change their treatment process without notice and usually change the amounts of disinfectants used depending on the season.  With simple low cost, quick, and easy to use test strips that give reliable readings, every RODI system that filters city water


    …of city water treatment process, including high levels of chlorine, and chloramines 6 Stage Plus RO/DI Features: Triple TDS Meter Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge Dual Deionization Stages Pre-installed Automatic shut-off valve Pre-installed Flush Kit Multiple source water connections Drain/waste water


    …capable of handling almost any type of water your house may have and polishing it down to 0 TDS. Each system comes with dual Universal Carbon Blocks and Dual Color Changing DI stages, making it the perfect RO/DI system for almost any type of city water treatment process, including high levels of…


    …the first sign of illness remove the fish to a hospital tank and treat with 2 mL per 20 liters of water on the first day. On the second and 3rd day add 1 mL per 20 liters of water. Treatment should be repeated if symptoms are only slightly reduced. Contains copper ions, among others. Invertebrates…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Dow is a leader when it comes to water treatment and filtration.  Their 75 GPD membrane has a 99% rejection ratio, and most other membranes cannot make that same claim. Along with meeting NSF/ANSI standards the 75 GPD DOW membrane is hands down the best membrane for our…


    …specializes in water treatment and is what we use in our RODI systems for the best performance. ROsave.Z Depth Cartridge Filters is a revolutionary Z.Plex filter engineered by GE. These filters are specifically made for reverse osmosis pretreatment applications and other filtered water applications.…

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    Designed to keep water crystal clear and for use with the Triton Method. Two Sizes Available: 1000mL Activated Carbon 5000mL Activated Carbon

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    …when new corals are introduced to the tank.  When using Flatworm Exit it is necessary to follow the directions, as flatworms can produce a toxin in your aquarium after the treatment.  Multiple treatments may be necessary as well.    Salifert Flatworm Exit treats up to 300 gallons (1200 L) of water.

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