Week 27

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    …couple weeks helping stimulate the start of the nitrogen cycle helping create a balance of bacteria population. Bio S can also be used for curing dry live rock decreasing the overall curing time while populating the rock with beneficial bacteria.   Dosing Instructions: 1 drop per 100 liters (27 Gal)…

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    …  Coral Snow works great for LPS, SPS, Soft Corals, Clams, and most other saltwater animals   Recommended dose is 1mL per 27 gallons (100L) up to two times per week. Do not exceed recommended amount.  Cloudy water is normal after dosing Coral Snow Plus and is harmless to fish, corals, and…

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    …network creating vast amounts of surface area for filtration capabilities.   Instructions: Place 100 mL for every 27 gallons (100 L) of Saltwater into any up flow reactor or media bag . For freshwater use 100 mL of Carbon per 54 gallons (200 L). Replace Carbon every 4 weeks for best results.  

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    …amount of particulate food a couple times a week drastically improves the coral's health, which leads to better colors and faster growth.   One Size Available: 30 gram   AF LPS Food can be used with: LPS Corals Soft Corals   Instructions: One spoonful per 27 gallons of aquarium water Prepare a small…


    …Minus for every 27 gallons (1000 mL) of Saltwater into any up flow reactor or media bag. For freshwater use 100 mL of Phosphate Minus per 54 gallons (2000 mL). After implementing Phosphate Minus, you should test your phosphate levels for decreasing values. After a few weeks, your tanks phosphate…

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