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    Compatible with aquariums up to 1/2" Max Flow 2300 GPH The new family of Gyre pumps now come with an advanced controller that unleashes a whole new world of options. With the ability to connect up to multiple pumps for a sync or anti-sync relationship, customizable flow cycles, and much more! The…

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    Compatible with aquariums up to 1/2" Max Flow - 2300 GPH With the unique flow patterns of the Gyre pumps, you do not have to worry nearly as much about positioning and aquascaping design. The Gyres crossflow technology allows for a gentle, evenly distributed flow that considerably helps removes dead…

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    When using the Neptune Apex (or other controllers) with the Gyre Interface module it allows complete control over the pumps at any point throughout the day.  With simple visible graphing, controlling the Gyre pumps has never been this simple.  Hook up your Maxspect Gyre XF-130 or XF-150 pump to most…

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    Upgrade your Gyre XF130 with the XF230 Advanced Controller. Replacing your current pump controller with the Advanced Controller will let you unlock all the features and benefits of the XF200 series. Controls up to 2 individual Gyre pumps 5 Different modes of flow Customizable flow cycles 6…

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    Foam pads designed for the Maxspect Gyre XF130 and XF230 models of powerheads. Prevents snails, crabs, and anemones from entering Keeps foreign object from causing damage Slides directly over the rotor cages Includes high-density and low-density covers

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    Extend the length of your Gyre XF130 or XF230 pumps with the extension cables from Maxspect. These will let you increase the distance from the controller to the pump.

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