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    …applications. Specifications 3/16" Kynar Y Tubing ID: 3/16" Fitting Material: Kynar NPT Connection: None 1/4" Kynar Y Tubing ID: 1/4" Fitting Material: Kynar NPT Connection: None 3/8" Kynar Y Tubing ID: 3/8" Fitting Material: Kynar NPT Connection: None 1/2" Kynar Y Tubing ID: 1/2" Fitting Material:…

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    Loc-Line flexible modular hose offers endless plumbing configurations and is useful for unique plumbing designs. Loc- Line Modular plumbing is most commonly used on return lines and closed loops where it is important to direct the water flow in a particular direction.

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    Lumi Lite Pro 50/50 LED strips provide a balanced blend of alternating Actinic Blue and White LEDs. The dual channel control system lets you adjust the overall intensity of the blue and white LEDs. These are great for FOWLR aquariums and pair very nicely with the Actinic Blue Lumi Lite Pro for a…

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    …at the base of the eductor helps create a random change in the intake affecting the flows path exiting the nozzle What's Included? 1x 25mm to 3/4" Slip-fit Loc-Line Adapter 1x 3/4" to 1/2" Genuine Loc-Line Y Fitting 4x Sections of 1/2" Genuine Loc-Line 2x 1/2" RFG (Random Flow Generator) Nozzles

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    3/4" to 1/2" Y reducer for 3/4" Loc-Line Modular Hose. Loc-Line flexible modular plumbing offers endless plumbing configurations and is useful for unique plumbing designs. Loc-Line is commonly used on return lines and closed loops where it is important to direct the water flow in a particular…

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    …that are controlled by the 7090.050 controller this cable will allow you to hook up all three pumps to be controlled by a single 7090 controller with the addition of the 7092.300 connecting cable.The Y adapter will also allow the connection of 2 pumps and a photo sensor as well. Cable length:36"

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    …6.5 foot Y Module cable lets you connect two VarioS pump controllers or Gyre Interface Modules directly to a 0-10v controller like the Neptune Apex Controller. Connect your VarioS or Gyre pumps directly to any controller with a 0-10v port that uses a standard ethernet jack to connect. The Y Modules…

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    …compoents to create a realistic ocean setting within your reef. Four Controllable Outputs - control up to six devices with the use of two 7090.00 Y cable adapters. The 7097 will connect to your computer through the included USB cable and with the 9097 software you can program you controllable Tunze…

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    Make the ultimate aquarium pump with the 7090 Wavecontroller Add-On. The 7090 Wavecontroller works with all DC powered Turbelle pumps. If you want to update your older Tunze pump without an integrated controller to create wave simulation, while having a food timer and the ability to hook up a photo…

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    Configure the Maxspect Duo the way you need it! The first water pump that can be configured as a traditional single output, like any other aquarium pump but can also be configured to have two outputs for a total flow rate of 2500 gallons per hour! Silent operation Multi-directional outputs Multiple…

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    Actinic Blue Lumi Lite Pro LED strips are the perfect way to adddeep blue spectrum that will bring out the fluorescence in corals and other inhabitants while promoting growth.Reef Brite actinic LEDs are some of the best in the industry when it comes to producing excellent color pop, and they have…

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    The Closest To The Sun You Can Get The SKY is a 200w LED aquarium light, with patented diffuser technology smoothly blending 104 LEDs to create a uniformly blended field of coral-health-optimized light. Taking a cue from nature, the specialized diffuser array mimics the filtering effect of our…

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