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    ZEOspur 2 is designed to reduce the amount of zooxanthellae in acropora, anacropora and montipora coral tissue to bring out brilliant coloration. The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers brings out the colors from deeper within the coral. ZEOspur 2 will have the fastest and most dramatic…

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    ZEOspur Macroelements Concentrate (ZEOspur Macroelemente Konzentrat) replaces elements most commonly missing from synthetic salt mixes, which in KZs experience has shown to maximize coral coloration and growth. ZEOspur Macroelements is designed to supplement ZEOspur 2 dosing. Elements contained in…

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    …Do not use in combination with the ZEOvit system. If you're looking for a Trace Element Solution for the ZEOvit system, please use balanced ZEOspur 2. Dosing instructions: 3 mL per 50 gallons daily Do not exceed recommended dosing amount - this product is highly concentrated. To find the right…

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