Zeovit Sponge Power

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    ZEOvit System Guide KZ Product Guide Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges, tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and results in increased water quality. SPS corals see increased tip…

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    …used with Sponge Power Improved polyp extension Safe for all tank inhabitants, and will be completely consumed from biological processes and corals Specifications: Initial Dosage: 50ml per 100 liters of tank water Successive Dosage: 1ml per 100 liters of tank water every 10 days ZEOvit System Guide…

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    …increased water clarity and sponge growth. Using the power package is a great introduction to the Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit system, at an even better price. ZEOvit Nano Power Package contains 10mL bottles of: Coral Vitalizer Pohl’s Xtra Amino Acid Concentrate LPS Sponge Power Coral Vitalizer High…

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