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    Recommended Spread - 36" x 24" Includes A200 Controller Controllable with iOS and Android Adjustable Mounting Legs Multi-lamp wireless connection Smart-Temp protection Bridgelux LED chip Wide spectrum and spread   Control Set up your new Shieldo light with your favorite smart device. With any…


    …1x 6000K @ 12W   Light Specifications: Light Dimensions - 3.625" W x 1.375" H Gooseneck Length - 11" Total Lumens - 1000LM Volatage - 120VAC Total Power Consumption - 12W Max Tank Thickness - 1.25" Total Cord Length - 10ft   What's Included? 1x Zetlight E100 LED Light 1x Zetlight E100 Gooseneck


    The perfect light for pico reef tanks now with remote and dual optical lenses! Recommended Spread - 12" x 10" For smaller soft coral and low light LPS tanks, the new optical lens system now transfers more power into the tank. Each light comes with its mounting bracket, acrylic shield, and a wired…


    …or Nightime Settings Low Profile Absolutely Silent   Coverage Maximum Spread - 18" x 18" Recommended Spread - 12" x 12"   LED Specifications: Zetlight has designed the ZA1201 to produce light in the range of 450-465nm, ultimately benefiting your coral. 21x White: 12k 7x Blue: 450-485nm 4x Red:…


    Hanging your LED light is usually going to be the easiest method of mounting a light that lets you fine tune the height and overall positioning of the fixture above your aquarium. Each hanging kit comes with adjustable Lok-Rite connections that secure the light in place until you depress the…


    …Dimensions - 14.5" L x 10.2" W x 0.73" H Total Lumens - 1610LM Volatage - 120VAC Total Power Consumption - 55W BRS Recommended Coverage - 24" x 24" Manufacturer Recommended Coverage - 47" x 33"   What's Included? 1x Zetlight E200 LED Light Panel 1x Mounting Base Bracket 1x Zetlight Gooseneck


    A Zetlight LED fixture can have the capability to be controlled through a Neptune Apex Controller. With this cable you can control and set ramp points for all the channels on your controllable Zetlight fixture.


    …- 8.6" L x 6.0" W x 0.73" H Total Lumens - 1800LM Volatage - 120VAC Total Power Consumption - 20W BRS Recommended Coverage - 18" x 18" Manufacturer Recommended Coverage - 36" x 24"   What's Included? 1x Zetlight E200s LED Light Panel 1x Mounting Base Bracket 1x Zetlight Gooseneck 1x Power Supply


    …lunar modes, storm flow, cloud cover, and much more!   Compatible with: Zetlight Shieldo Series Zetlight Dosing Pumps Zetlight E200 Zetlight UFO Zetlight Wavemakers Zetlight CAM2 Camera Zetlight DC Return Pumps Zetlight ZA1201-WiFi   What's Included? 1x A200 Controller 1x 120V USB Adapter 1x…


          The A100 controller will let you wirelessly connect your smartphone to the Sheildo series of LED lighting fixtures. When connected you can run through many different programming options and additional features that would normally not be available through the stock controller. Instant…

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