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    The perfect light for pico reef tanks now with remote and dual optical lenses! Recommended Spread - 12" x 10" For smaller soft coral and low light LPS tanks, the new optical lens system now transfers more power into the tank. Each light comes with its mounting bracket, acrylic shield, and a wired…


    Recommended spread up to 40" x 20" We have really grown to like the Zetlight QMaven series of lights for their low cost, and high quality components. With top of the line Bridgelux LEDs that have been placed throughout the fixture and the dense 40w LED groupings that simulate the intensity of…


    Recommended spread up to 20" x 20" The Zetlight ZT-6500A LED lighting fixture is a slim, sleek, and innovative new light that can be fully controlled by a Neptune Apex controller. Top of the line Bridgelux LEDs are strategically placed throughout the fixture, and the 40w big power dense LED group…


    Control your Zetlight equipment through the Horizon App! WiFi Control Small and Compact Design Easy to Setup and Use Compatible with iOS or Android Compatible with Zetlight, Apex, OCTO equipment


    Perfect for Pico refugiums! Zetlight's E100 Macroalgae LED light includes a flexable mounting arm and a ramping controller so you can illuminate your refugiums with light that the algea will actually use.  Recommended Spread - 12" x 12" Efficient Single Chip LED Dimming Wheel Steady Color Easy…


    The perfect light for pico reef tanks! Recommended Spread - 12" x 10" For smaller soft coral and low light LPS tanks, we really like this cost efficient light. It comes with its mounting bracket and acrylic shield and takes less than a couple minutes to get the light out of the box, mounted and…


    Uniform Coverage and Illumination for your Refugium! Zetlight's E200 LED Panel LED Light peaks in the red and blue spectrums and is designed to quickly grow macroalgae in saltwater enviroments.  Recommended Spread - 24" x 24" Wireless Control Capability Compatible with Horizon App Wide Coverage…


    Compatible with Zetlight Sheildo lights Lets you wirelessly control and program your lights through direct WiFi Control with your smartphone, or tablet. The simple connection only takes a couple minutes to get up and running and then you can custom program each channel of your Zetlight LED light for…


    This is the cable needed to connect your Zetlight 6500A or 6600A to a Neptune Apex Controller VDM module. 10 Ft.


    Keep a close eye on your tank, even when you are away! Zetlight's IP68 WiFi Camera is waterproof and gives you a crystal clear view into your tank from anywhere. Take pictures, videos, and even share the feed with your friends! Waterproof Simple Suction Cup Mount Compatible with Horizon App…


    Hang your Zetlight Shieldo series lights with the ZS-7000 hanging kit. The kit comes with everything that is required to connect a hanging kit to your Shieldo LED light. 2 point suspension Adjustable height Utilizes tank mounting holes 5.5 feet long main cables

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