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    …particulate food like Zootonic will yield much better results because the corals can digest the small pieces much easier and quicker. Improved growth and coloration can be seen when the proper food is available for your corals to consume, and it is recommended to offer Zootonic at night when corals…

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    …Ideal for binding vitamins and other food additives We recommend a combination of Reef Snow with the plankton substitutes Tropic Marin Phyton and Zooton.   Reef Snow is the combination of smaller particulates that are bonded by a biopolymer and can create larger strings and flakes. Tropic Marin…


    …of Zooton with aquarium water in a container. Let stand for a few minutes. Slowly add the Zooton – food mixture to the aquarium water.   Ingredients - Fish and fish by-products, shrimp and shrimp by-products, marine algae, brewers yeast, spirulina.   What's Included? 100mL Pro-Coral Zooton   Note:…

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